Monthly Archives: May 2012

O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics (Animated)

This film needs no words. “A little animation I’ve been working on for two weeks or so” FamishedMammal

Snow circles by Sonja Hinrichsen

What a wonderful idea! Sonja Hinrichsen did these  snow Drawings and they were filmed with a samall helicopter camera by  Beauregard. And pictures from a still photos from the same day

Intense Proximity

A couple of media clips have made me think about our shared public space recently. Intense Proximity the art triennial exhibition 2012 in Paris: Intense Proximity  is about “sharing space, social experience, and aesthetic antagonism…without resorting to the strident pieties of identity politics, nativist self-regard, ethnocentrism, and myths of national cultural cohesion”. The proximity suggested  is the public’s relationship to the […]