USA summer of 2012 in pictures

Lake Michigan and Chicago – Hyde Park

Uncel Bob – Photo by Hannah Lutz

New Jersey – Long beach Island

Photo Jonathan Lutz

The road signs and commercials move to the beach in NJ

The country of road signs

The american dream can crash….

…and there are picnic tables everywhere!

…and bumperstickers

and cars….

…and choices

Virginia, North and South Carolina and The Blue Ridge – Appalachian Mountains

Celo Inn

Photo Hannah Lutz

Photo Hannah Lutz

Photo Hannah Lutz

Penland School of Crafts

Solola lives on and Inga Donner Solonevich is present in spirit

An american goat farm and B&B

Boulder and the Rockies

The Flatirons

Denver botanical garden

And Uncel Ed who will be 98 soon.

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