Monthly Archives: May 2017

Connected Action for the Commons

Connected Action for the Commons is an action-research program and network with six cultural organisations from across Europe and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) as collaborating hubs. I am part of the network since our project idea StoryCaravan was selected to be along in the second Idea Camp in Botkyrka 2015 after which we received a […]

Why should I pay?

Why should a 62-year-old man pay for pregnancy insurance? Here is why!   Read more…  

Salvador Sobral – an indie song contest winner!

Salvador Sobral won this years Eurovison song contest. It seems as though the contest is changing and is, I believe, reflecting our changing world.  It also seems as though many who voted are voting for a different sort of Eurovison music. After winning Sobral said he “hope that Eurovision will in the future put more […]

SKAM är bäst!

För den som ännu inte är övertygad eller ens provat se SKAM så se senaste avsnittet – helt otroligt väl gjort och viktigt! Arenan Och den finns ju på SVT Play också med svensk text för den som är i Sverige. Orginalet på NRK.