Monthly Archives: June 2013

Coffee rituals essential for a good life!

We have certain rituals when we make our 10 o’clock coffee – which here in the Swedish-Finnish archipelago is called “middle coffee” – and our afternoon coffee. FIKA as it is called in Sweden, which is actually the coffee itself  not what you have WITH your coffee as I thought before I heard a radio program […]

Sun energy makes me happy and energetic

Why did I not realize earlier that there are very handy and practical portable sun cell kits?  Now when I have tried our new Flexcell sunpack I am in love! It was so easy – just fastened it in a good place on the deck, which was easy since it comes with handy ajustable straps, let […]

Children do not want entertainment but simple pleasures in nature

According to Sainsbury’s Kid’s Simple Pleasures Index – yes the British food chain) poll with 1,500 children aged 5-11 nationwide children want to enjoy nature on their free time.  They asked the children to rank their favorite “summer frolics across criteria such as how much fun it is, how happy it makes them feel and how special […]