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The roots of punk: Sex pistol’s John Lydon speaking in London

Listen to  John Lydon himself with Gideon Coe and an audience of 150 people in central at BBC in London. Where the safety pins a symbolic ornament from the beginning? Listen to the BBC broadcast to find out…. And a film about when punk came to a small town in Finland. The devil came too….

Vård måste inte vara en handlingsvara?

Staden Raseborg konkurrensutsatte assistenttjänsterna inom handikappservicen och fyra firmor har valts. Om de vårdleverantörer som vann budgivningen får ta över servicen kan det leda till att många av de handikappade i staden förlorar de assistenter de haft i många år och byggt upp ett fötroligt förhållande med (för en del innebär beslutet ingen förändring alls). […]

Temple Grandin my hero!

Temple Grandin what a brave women! She gives me courage! I have seen the short movies with her, the HBO movie with Claire Danes about her and listened to interviews with her I can not stop thinking about how amazingly brave she really has been in her life going through all “the doors of life” […]

Africa for Norway: raising money in Africa to help poor Norwegians struggle through winter

Who says Africa can’t contribute to us in the cold north?  The Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund – an aid agency in Norway  ( – has made a video in cooperation with South African students which turnes the tables and question about solidarity and power relations concerning third world development organizations are put in […]

Zlatan´s ego in French

“Les Guignols de l’info” (news puppets) is a French satire program known to make fun of famous people. Now Les Guignols has taken on Zlatan Ibrahimovic and has created a doll that resembles Zlatan and he has several times been “interviewed” by the news anchor doll in live broadcast before and after games. He responds […]

Läshunden Alfa – Alfa the readingdog

Läshunden Alfa finns på plats varje tisdag fr.o.m. 2.10 kl. 13-14 på Ekenäs stadsbibliotek.  Uppmaningen på bibliotekets hemsida lockar: Tycker ditt barn om hundar? Går han eller hon i lågstadiet och behöver träna extra med sin läsning?                                     […]

Remake labbet på Kulturkarnevalen 2012

Sådant som Remake labbet på Kulturkarnevalen behöver vi mera av!  Tack Hanna Enlund för det! Relaterat – Fixers movement and repair cafés.