Temple Grandin my hero!

Temple Grandin what a brave women! She gives me courage! I have seen the short movies with her, the HBO movie with Claire Danes about her and listened to interviews with her I can not stop thinking about how amazingly brave she really has been in her life going through all “the doors of life” which especially in her case really was a brave thing to do. Often when I feel I need to do something but don’t know if I am brave enough or strong enough a song comes to my mind “Be brave and then be strong…” which Mr Rogers wrote. For you who did not spend time in the US in the 1960 – 1990 he had a legendary children’s program on TV.

But now if I ever need to get a little more guts – be empowered I listen to or watch a film with or about Temple Grandin!

One thing I would have hoped though is that she would have spent so much of her time and great mind to something else than designing slaughter houses or processing facilities ….but as she says if we eat them we should give them a good life before we slaughter them and she tried to design them so they would cause the least amount of harm before the slaughtering and as she says “nature is cruel but we don’t have to be”. Any one who eat processed meet should agree on that or else they are sadistic or hypocritical.

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