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Cuba hit by Sandy too

Yes – there are other places which were hit by Sandy!  Cuba for instance.

Pete Seeger on The Johnny Cash Show 1970

The beutiful sandy shore of New Jersey before Sandy

While looking for news about Sandy and the New Jersey shore where we visited friends in July I stumbled upon news about other areas where the storm has hit. We have to remind ourselves that the storm hit in other places too but that news is not as hyped as the storm in the US […]


Originally posted on gailguerrillagardener:
Well here we are, Chairman of The Friends of Harfield Village Parks, a transition from Guerilla Gardening that is not a completely comfy fit for this hippi child of the 60’s.  I was kind’a bullied into it (thanks James).  My rebellious roots are cringing a bit and I console myself with…

My blog – my stage, my curtain, my mirror

I am a blogger at the same time as I am an Internet researcher and I reflect on my own blogging often.  I started blogging (and facebooking) because I decided I needed to actively take part in the online environment, which I was studying. But since I also like writing and express my opinions and […]

At Emmaus broken things and people get a second chance

By helping others we can help ourselves  Emmaus is a politically and religiously non-aligned international movement, whose mission is to help those in need and thus promote social justice and peace. There are 313 Emmaus groups spread over 36 countries.  The Emmaus groups work with and for the poorest in society, to fight against the causes of […]

Något många yttrar på dödsbädden: “I wish I didn’t work so hard”

Jag skrev en uppsats när jag studerade socialpsykologi i USA för 10 år sedan med rubriken “Do americans work to live or live to work?”. Jag upplevde, när vi bodde där ett år i början av 2000-talet och igen när vi besökte vänner och släkt i somras, hur galet förhållande alla verkade ha till förvärvsarbete. […]