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Hemskolade barn straffas i Raseborg

Jag höll på att sätta blåbären i halsgropen när jag en morgon nyligen hörde i Radio Västnyland hur familjer som vill hemskola sina barn ska behandlas i Raseborg. Enligt bildningsnämndens protokollbilaga “Principer för ordnande av hemundervisning” är staden inte är skyldig att ge hemskolade barn i Raseborg varken skolhälsovård, elevvårdstjänster, mat eller gratis skolböcker. I bilagan […]

Helsinki Alternative Design Capital initiative a celebration of design and urban culture!

It is fun to follow the Alternative Design Capital happenings as well since the official Design capital arrengements have, as Erik Bruun has put it “is for the colleagues” or Yle News reported “as the emperor’s new clothes” Journalist Esa Mäkinen summarised the critique toward the World Design Capital arrangemants with 5 main points already in […]

Jonas Lutz at Arkadia International Book Shop

Jonas Lutz had a innovative clay project at Arkadia International book shop in February. Filmed by Pätkkä productions. Events at Arkadia book shop – what a place.  I am so happy there is support for (not yet) well known independent artists as well as many forms of artistic expression! More about Jonas’ project.

“Ai Wei Wei never sorry” – go see it and DO something!

Go and see it!  After seeing a film like  AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY one gets a different perspective on ones own life and at least I go home from the movie like that eager to do more and work for causes I believe in while I am alive. Earlier this year I saw Fairy tale – […]

Inga Donner Solonevich is the mountain!

Accordning to the The Roanoke Times Inga Donner Solonevich was the mountain! We are so lucky to have met her but very sad that she died just before we got to visit her again this summer. We had the opportunity to once more drive up the mountain dirt road to her lovely Solola on Sheep Mountain in The […]

USA summer of 2012 in pictures

More pictures…

Symbolic violence or empowerment?

Within the academic world it is often taken for granted that if we do something “in the name of research” we can use almost any sort of methods. Yes, we do have to write all sorts of papers about the power relations in an interview situation etc but what most researchers want to do is […]

Bolt’s pictures and “Kids with cameras”

It is somehow refreshing to see the world from a different perspective from time to time. The photos Usain Bolt’s took with Jimmy Wixtröm’s camera give us a hint of how it is to always have cameras in your face and a whole world watching every step you take on the field. Bolt’s photos makes […]

Sharing or stealing and copyright

Sonera – an Internet service provider in Finland – has blocked customers’ access to The Pirate Bay, to comply with a Helsinki court order. Sonera has said it would challenge the court’s decision, saying that barring services was not an effective way to reduce piracy. The Pirate Bay bans and the piracy discussions in general can be seen in […]