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Sommarprat om idéer som kan förbättra världen och jantelagen

Trita Parsi är idag är flitigt anlitad av både CNN och BBC framförallt på grund av hans expertis om relationerna mellan USA, Iran och Israel. Han blev tilldelad The Grawemeyer Award med motiveringen ”för idéer som kan förbättra världen”. Parsi grundade i början på 2000-talet organisationen National Iranian American Council som verkar för att göra den iranska rösten starkare i […]

Snagfilms – your home for great films

Snagfilms is a great indie documentary site. There are so many films that never get to the movie houses (especially in Scandinavia) and Snagfilms is where you can find some great independent films. On the Snagfilm site*, you’ll find the work of professional filmmakers and there is also a student section.  The films were selected by their […]

Street art blog

  Street art blog

I went to London and all I got….

Yes I did!  But it is not lousy Banksy!

Cia Rinne – listening for other languages

Hannah Lutz’ paper “Cia Rinne and the soundpoetic event: Listening for other languages” in the online magazine Baltic Worlds introduces the Finnish multilingual and multitalented poet Cia Rinne. Hannah asks in her paper how the soundpoetic event can be approached in the form of an article in a journal. I give the floor to Hannah… Some amazing digital […]

Skärgårdsmorgon – morning in the archipelago

Visions are interwoven in restoration project in Copenhagen

Last night I dreamt that I was helping my daughter and her friends to paint a wall in an old house. I had a backpack, which contained my dreams, visions and ideas about how to create a better world. I was painting the wall but I decided not to open my backpack and take out […]