Snagfilms – your home for great films

Snagfilms is a great indie documentary site. There are so many films that never get to the movie houses (especially in Scandinavia) and Snagfilms is where you can find some great independent films. On the Snagfilm site*, you’ll find the work of professional filmmakers and there is also a student section.  The films were selected by their team of film lovers and expert programmers. There are all forms, genres and points of views represented and both new and classic, long and short, domestic and global films, films which are first-time efforts and by well-known award winners.  Documentaries, comedies, dramas and thrillers.

The site offer free films and also films on a number of mobile devices and connected TV platforms as well as a selection of newer films to buy or rent on iTunes and on the site you can download a free movie app for the Ipad.  The snagfilms team believes that good films deserve the widest-possible audience.  At the homepage you can find  in-depth information,  interviews and other features to help you get to know more about filmmakers and their films.  You can also read  comments and ratings, critique and debate about films: “we want you to share these films so that you can start a dialogue; we’ve made it easy to do so in every possible way.  And if you’re moved to learn more or to get involved, we’ll offer lots of ways for you to become a “filmanthropist””

The site “offers the broadest collection of great independent movies you can watch right now, on demand, for free, and share with others – films that entertain and inform, engage and inspire, satisfy every taste, encourage discovery and create community.” That is so great!  Why not share because when we share we end up having more in the end! Snagfilms believe that bigger isn’t always better, quality matters, choice is important, filmmakers deserve more and that films should be shared.

Snagfilms respect the rights of all copyright holders.

* There is a littel BUT for us outside the US – all the films have not permission to be shown outside the US but here is a list to the films that we can see in Finland. There is still restrictions when it comes to sharing between countries but hopefully that will change soon.

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