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Never Greyhound again!

A more appropriate name for the Greyhound company could be “Slowhound” or “Stayhound”. I have travelled twice with a Greyhound bus in the last 3 years and both times the bus has broken down before we have reached our destination. Three years ago it was on the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Minneapolis, Minnesota and […]

Celo Inn an oases in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Celo Inn is a one of the places on earth where I feel in tune with the universe. Somehow this place nestled in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina embraces me so warmly. It is a little strange since I usually want to be close to the ocean to a get a “home feeling”.  At Celo […]

Busboys and poets

When you travel trough Washington DC by car you drive by places of power and places of control. For me the area around the national mall has always been a scary place. For me the city has been important as a base for family gatherings. I also love the warm dark nights (sammetsnätter) which we […]

Slow design and slow parade

Yes there is slow design in Amsterdam! An amazing socially and sustainably responible design project investigating slow creative potentials of people, place and time! In 2010, the design research organization slowLab (US/NL) began a partnership with the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam to explore the potentials of a ‘Slow-er’ Lloyd. “As a further development of her project, Lekker Vies, designer […]

Nora Ephron groundbreaking filmmaker and writer

Nora Ephron who died this week was a groundbreaking filmmaker with films like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle, Julie and Julia and many other of the most memorable romantic comedies in recent history here in an interview with NPRs Neal Conan she describes how hard it is to get used to getting older. I don’t know how many […]

The Portrait of a Writer (1)

Inspiring blog about writing!

The birth of the American Film Institute

A very interesting Diane Rehm Show with American Film Institute founding director George Stevens. It offers an inside look at the art and craft of making movies. Stevens has written a new book which presents conversations between students and moviemakers from the 1950s to Hollywood today. Jack Sayles (below) is behind the camera on the 1983 film […]