Busboys and poets

When you travel trough Washington DC by car you drive by places of power and places of control. For me the area around the national mall has always been a scary place. For me the city has been important as a base for family gatherings. I also love the warm dark nights (sammetsnätter) which we never get in Scandinavia.

But since we this time during our visit in Washingto DC were going to see a friend downtown I went online to check for a place where we could meet  and I found Busboys and Poets – that was our kind of place. Busboys and Poets “support local groups working toward a better future for us all…..and works with organizations working to make our world a better, more equitable place”. It is amazing that these sorts of oases exists everywhere if one just looks for them. I felt at home immediately when I walk through the door.

“Busboys and Poets build community around shared beliefs and dialogue over food and drink links people in ways that are lasting and meaningful”

And a bookstore!

Busboys and Poets Press was established in 2009 to maintain and advance the literary tradition inspired by Langston Hughes. They have a press to be able to build and enhance “the Busboys and Poets community of artists, dreamers and progressive thinkers through the power of the written word”. An imprint of PM Press. They also have a discussion series, to exhibiting the work of local artists.

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