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The power of networks explained

Creative spIN

I want to reblog this inspiring site! Creative SpIN will set tools and methods to trigger creativity and innovation in businesses and other kinds of public and private organisations by encouraging artists, creative professionals (in advertising, design, architecture), cultural institutions and industries to engage with other sectors to share their competencies and skills. Significance of […]

A changing reality

Sitting at our summer place drinking my morning coffee I see a child walking out on the neighbour dock. This scene takes me back to my own childhood summer mornings out here on the island. I was in and by the water all day having so much fun. But then something happens which makes me, […]

Kultur för asylsökande

Så fint med sådana initiativ! Historieberättarna ingår i Kulturförvaltningen  satsning ”Kultur för asylsökande”. Vi kommer tillsammans med barn och unga asylsökande arbeta med berättelser och animation. Stockholms läns landstings kulturförvaltning arbetar för att främja ett fritt och tillgängligt kulturliv av hög kvalitet i hela länet, där möten skapas mellan människor med olika bakgrunder och där […]

RUGGEDISED – a smart city project

Inspiring!  Six European cities are taking an interconnected approach in applying smart city solutions as part of the Horizon 2020 funded RUGGEDISED project. This is an example of how cities, businesses and citizens are working together to accelerate and build up smart urban settings. Umeå in northers Sweden is one of the cities.  

The Jam & Justice project

Mapping Participatory Urban Governance The Jam & Justice project are producing a map of Participatory Urban Governance. Drawing from across the Global South & North, we are looking to produce a collection of inspiring, workable, and actually existing examples of how citizens can be involved in decisions, processes and structures that affect them. The previous […]

The City at Eye Level

The City at Eye Level Film contributes to the book and contains 4 chapters about how a good plinth “works” for a better street at eye level. Both the book and the film contain concrete and inspiring examples of strategies for design, land use/programme, placemaking, the relation to the street, pedestrian flows, co-creation, and the […]

Astras podcast om resande

Den finlandssvenska feministiska tidskriften Astra har en ny podcast och här kan ni nu lyssna på ett samtal om hållbart resandet, att resa som kvinna och som gay och hur klass påverkar resandet. Jag berättar också om start-up online reseplattformen TravelFor som jag jobbat med de senaste året. Den första podcasten handlade om jobb och gav mig nya […]