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I have a dream – 50 years ago!

Today 50 years ago Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous – maybe one of the most famous speeches ever – I have a dream. Even if his dream partly has become true we see some scary trends today and sometimes it seems as though we are going backwards concerning the issues he worked for […]


Insändare publicerad 23.8 2013 i HBL. Tack Peter Al Fakir (19.8 2013) för din viktiga artikel om ett alltför lite ifrågasatt äktenskap mellan Yle och Evangeliska Lutherska (ev. luth.) kyrkan. Jag har själv påpekat detta vid olika tillfällen tidigare både i Vega och i feedback till Vega. Andaktsprogrammen råkar ofta komma när jag har radion […]

People have the power! Patti Smith and First Aid Kit in Göteborg

It was a unforgettable night at Trägårn in Gothenburg. First we had the pleasure to enjoy the young sisters amazingly mature lyrics and musical talent and then the Rock legend and Lady of Rack Patti Smith! Wow! The song to Edward Snowden was much appreciated.

Bless them with your patience!

This music video was inspired by family videos and photos, the song EmmyLou by the young, brilliant and inspiring women Johanna and Klara Söderström in First Aid Kit and by my creative children. My children’s (and other children’s) astonishing eagerness to learn, their creativity and their joy of learning has been inspiring and is still […]