I have a dream – 50 years ago!

Today 50 years ago Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous – maybe one of the most famous speeches ever – I have a dream. Even if his dream partly has become true we see some scary trends today and sometimes it seems as though we are going backwards concerning the issues he worked for – human rights, solidarity, racism and peace.  My brother in law was there! How was it Daniel?  I learned recently that it was not his planned speech. The speech changed radically when a woman in the audience, singer Mahalia Jackson and a friends to King, shouted “Tell them about the dream, Martin!  Tell them about the dream!” King pushed the notes from which he’d been reading off to the side and started telling the audience about his dream. Thanks to Jackson he delivierd a speech of which speech writer Clarence Jones said: “I have never seen him speak the way I saw him on that day. It was as if some cosmic transcendental force came down and occupied his body. It was the same body, the same voice; but the voice had something I had never heard before. It was so powerful, it was spellbinding.”

KING 3 peace


  1. Thanks for writing about this! Next time I ask my dad about how it was being there, I have to record it! For now I remember him saying how the air was so full of hope, he remembers buses arriving from the south packed with people all singing, and on his way back to Chicago, the trains were also packed full, you could hardly stand, but everybody was singing, the whole way!

    1. Thank you Aurea (Daniel’s daughter). Yes do record his memories!

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