Monthly Archives: February 2016

Obama: Trump will not be president

I really hope he is right!

Finding one’s tribe in Madrid

I have researched first-time parents in Helsinki in Finland and Gothenburg in Sweden to learn to better understand the parents’ urban and online meeting places in similar ways as folks in the project ‘Caring IN the city’, carried out by Pandora Mirabilia and funded by European Culture Foundation. This is a very important project close to my […]

Iqbaldagen 2015

Alla har inte lika värde enligt president Niinistö

Idag släppte rapparen Qruu – sin musikvideo “Allas lika värde”. Idag höll också president Niinistö ett tal på Riksmötets öppnande som kunde ha hållits av en sannfinländare (de applåderar naturligtvis hans tal idag). På något sätt är det kännetecknande för den tid vi lever i att man i media under en och samma eftermiddag får ta del av två […]

Bernie Sander’s land is my land

I often think of “my US” as a bubble in an otherwise quite hostile and frightening American society. But now and then I find that my American subculture can be described more like a greenhouse where great ideas and wonderful innovations prosper and slowly find their way into American mainstream society.  Bernie Sanders represents my greenhouse […]