The world trough a photo lens

There is hope

Lace on brick

A flower installation Turku, Finland

Copenhagen in the rain

Bengali muslim ramadan jamme

Many opinions

Brick Lane smalltalk

Santas donkey

Love can be harsh

Love can be like a pile of seeds on the sidewalk with a cigarett

Or like a girl by a flowershop under London bridge…

…and a boy in love who takes a picture…

…when a bulldozer comes from nowhere….

Bridged in marrige


  1. Ron Scubadiver · · Reply

    Thank you for stopping by.

    1. The same to you! Where in the world are you?

      1. Ron Scubadiver · ·

        Houston, Texas.

      2. Ok, yes you had photos from lots of places. But I guess if you work as a journalist that would be the case. I live in Finland but has also lived in the US. Have a good day – our day is over here!

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