Zlatan´s ego in French

“Les Guignols de l’info” (news puppets) is a French satire program known to make fun of famous people.

Now Les Guignols has taken on Zlatan Ibrahimovic and has created a doll that resembles Zlatan and he has several times been “interviewed” by the news anchor doll in live broadcast before and after games. He responds to a French with a heavy accent and talking about himself in the third person.

Zlatan himself has, according to Le Parisien, laughed heartily at the clip he got translated.

When French TV makes Zlatan Ibrahimovic into a doll it  primarily is joking with his notorious ego.

“PSG got a good start in the Champions League when they beat Dynamo Kiev 4-1” says host and Zlatan interrupts: “No, Zlatan won with 4-0.” “No, it was 4-1,” said host and Zlatan replies: “No, PSG conceded a goal, not Zlatan.”

The host also asked Zlatan if he’ll play this weekend’s match against Bastia. “On Saturday it is Bastia against Zlatan yes, Bastia, is it by the seaside?” Ibrahimovic asks, “Yes in Corsica” answers the host and Zlatan shouts to someone behind him, “Honey, pack my swimming trunks. I am going to Corsica, it is Zlatan against Bastia.”

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