Sun energy makes me happy and energetic

atomkraft nej tackWhy did I not realize earlier that there are very handy and practical portable sun cell kits?  Now when I have tried our new Flexcell sunpack I am in love!

It was so easy – just fastened it in a good place on the deck, which was easy since it comes with handy ajustable straps, let it sit in the sun for some hours (until it started raining), plug in the cigarette charger and then plug in the telephone to the charger – voile!

What a smart, sustainable and cheap way to create energy!  I am so thankful for the people who have made it possible for me to use the sun in such a creative way. We have tried the Flexcell sunpack today when it is not sunny (almost cloudy) and now we are charging a mobile phone. It feels good since our water is heated by the earth (ground water heating) below us (also sun energy originally) and our telephones by the sun above us. We will take the sunpack with us on the sail boat and to the summer island – handy when we don’t have electricity there and have gotten used to having loaded phones and Ipad.

If YOU want to join the sun energy crowd you might want to know that we ordered it from Sunsector in Österbotten – great service.  They have many great looking variations of the Flexcell sunpack (from Swizerland) –  flexible solar panels for mobile use – but also other solar heating solutions.


My friend Esa put up a link to a Solar Kettle wather boiling device.  Seems smart!

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