Salvador Sobral – an indie song contest winner!

Salvador Sobral won this years Eurovison song contest. It seems as though the contest is changing and is, I believe, reflecting our changing world.  It also seems as though many who voted are voting for a different sort of Eurovison music. After winning Sobral said he “hope that Eurovision will in the future put more of a focus on substance than showmanship”.”Music is not fireworks, music is feeling”.

I am sure there are many opinions about this but for me it was a relief to hear his song and see his performance without explosions and fire works in the background. His song is enough and it is soothing and the way he “paints” the song with his whole body is amazing – and I love his over coat, which is 2 sizes bigger than his body. He is also a political activist and said after being criticized  for being too political:

If I’m here and I have European exposure, the least thing I can do is a humanitarian message. People come to Europe in plastic boats and are being asked to show their birth certificates in order to enter a country. These people are not immigrants, they’re refugees running from death. Make no mistake. There is so much bureaucratic stuff happening in the refugee camps in Greece, Turkey and Italy and we should help create legal and safe pathways from these countries to their destiny countries,’ he added, earning a round of applause (Winners’ press conference 29:50).

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