The most livable country with many suicides in the world

We get reports almost every week about how great Helsinki and Finland is. It was ranked as  The most livable city 2011 by  in Monocle’s Quality of Life survey, which ranks the top 25 cities in the world and a Travel hotspot according to The New York Times. I find it interesting that at the same time we get reports such as the recent one from European Child Safety Alliance which says that it is twice as likely for a child or young person to die from violence or in an accident in Finland than in The Netherlands. Finnish children die most often in a traffic accident and in suicide (with alcohol being one of the main causes). An average of three people kill themselves in Finland each day. The figures have not changed much in the last 10 years. Even though suicide rates have gone down in Finland among youths in the last years we still rank high compared to the other European countries. Finland always rank high in The Programme for International Student Assessment (OECD PISA) rankings when it comes to school results. This is in academic results but when it comes to thriving in school we rank much lower. Finnish students do well in school but don’t like school. We are good a preforming and producing but we are certainly not a country who’s inhabitants thrive and are happy which makes us the most livable country with many suicides in the world. Something to celebrate?

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