2016: Obama’s America – How you can make lies fit your cause

It was hard to listen to conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza interviewd by Guy Raz of All things Concidered at NPR but it is worth the suffering because you also learn alot about people like D’Souza who made the film 2016: Obama’s America which opened in just one theater in Houston but now is showing in many theatres around the US. The film proposes that President Obama is weakening the country — deliberately.

In another interview Cenk Uygur destroys D’Souza.

And luckily there are many more……

There are amazing statements like this:

“Obama is an anti-colonialist. He has a dream, and it’s the dream from his father. Anti-colonialism generally is based on the premise that the Western countries, and now the United States, have become rich by invading and occupying and looting the poor countries, so that the wealth of the world is unfairly distributed. And what Obama wants to do is correct that. How do you correct it? You correct it ultimately by making sure that the previous colonized countries have better access to growth and power, and if there’s a cost for that you put the cost on the colonizers, in this case the United States.”

Good for Obama!

Yes the WORST thing you can do is preading the wealth!  Isn’t it?

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