Cross-disciplinary urban experiment shows the way

The science art & science seminar “The City as a Living Organism” organized by AKU-visual acupuncture (in collaboration with Pro Artibus and the research and development institute Aronia and Novia University of Applied Sciences) is a good example of how city planning could be influenced and inspired by the arts as well as natural and social sciences.

A group of professionals with a wide-ranging backgrounds and experiences had gathered to create IRL city construction in the Novia college café.

We were a group consisting of me, a sociologist and activist, several arcitects, a product designer, artists, a soundscape, environmental sound artist, an art theorist, an art historian and a curator, a performance artist, an acupuncturist and artist, an architects and a environmental artist, biourban theorist, a geo design whiz, project manager, forester and teacher and a biologist.

Just think of all the possible ways in which cities could be planned and what kind of cities a diverse group of people like the one at the AKU seminar could create!

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Video and sound from the second day of the seminar

Video and sound from the second day of the seminar

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