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‘The Senate is an unfixable crime against democracy’

Right now in these tumultuous political times I long for smart, insightful and bold american voices. If you live in Europe you really have to look for them because they seldom reach us without some effort. The above heading is from The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. He is a former chief of staff on the Senate […]

Protected: ‘The Senate is an unfixable crime against democracy’

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Why daughters don’t tell their fathers

This morning I found an article in the Washington Post by Monica Hesse which drew my attention: Dear dads: Your daughters told me about their assaults. This is why they never told you. A man emailed recently in response to something I’d written about street harassment. He was so glad, he said, that his college-age […]

Instilling empathy in boys

Christine Blasey Ford’s wrenching testimony in front of the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday morning this week was emotional for women watching. Her testimony brought back so many of our own painful memories of sexual assault. During the hearing and during the days after I have thought a lot about how we could work with […]

World Questions: Copenhagen

Interesting discussion arranged by BBC in the series World Questions. Why is Copenhagen the world’s best bike friendly city? Are people happy in Denmark? How would Copenhagen liked to be perceived in the 21st century? Interesting listening.

Vi kräver mer transparens!

Insändare idag 31.7 2018 i Västra Nyland. Tack Kim Isaksson för din kolumn ”Tystnadens kultur” den 20.7. Jag var en av de som kämpade mot shoppingcenterplanerna i Norra hamnen i Ekenäs för ett par år sen och vet vad det innebär att bli drabbad av tystnadens kultur. Som ett konkret exempel på denna kultur kan […]

Jag målade våra bänkar med tjära…

…fast det finns impregnering av modernare slag. Men det doftar så gott när man kommer nära och den doften behövs när sommar’n är kort.  Jag vet inte hur många som minns sången Maskrosor och tjärdoft från 60-talet men den har stannat i mitt minne. Men i den sången sjunger Carl Anton om bryggan. Nu är lärkbänkarna […]