Be a Storyteller First

Be a Storyteller First
Posted on July 1, 2012 by Ruth Ann Nordin

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

It seems to me that there’s so much focus on things that truly do not matter to writing a book.  Authors squabble over passive vs. active voice, whether it’s okay to use adverbs or not, how often you can write a certain word in a scene, etc.  In my opinion, all those little details aren’t that important.  Passive voice is okay.  Adverbs are okay.  If you want to repeat the word “walk” in a scene, that’s okay, too.  The point is not whether you use these techniques or not.  It’s HOW you use them.

The bottom line with any book is the story.  Was it a story that compelled the reader to keep turning the page?  Was it a story that made the reader lose sleep because he/she had to keep reading?

You want to know who cares about these things?  Writers (aspiring or otherwise), editors, and others in the…

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