Donkeys, goats, sheep and llamas help the airport

Many thought Chicago O’Hare was kidding when it revealed plans to introduce a herd of goats to graze on grass and weeds in a hard-to-mow parts of the airport.

Well, it wasn’t, they unveiled its newest workers yesterday – 25 goats, sheep, llamas and small donkeys as part of the Chicago Department of Aviation’s Sustainable Vegetation Management initiative.

The herd actually arrived at the airport in late July 2013 and began its work on up to 120 acres of land on four sites that have been identified for grazing on O’Hare property.

It seems like a great idea, but I feel sorry for their hearing!

Once when we were sitting at a café in Ekenäs with Hannah, who was around 3 years old, a lawn mower drove by, she was quiet for a long time watching and then she said “Is that their donkey?”


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