Myten om hållbar konsumtion – Nordiskt semi

Intressant och viktig nordisk rapport om hållbar konsumtion. Rapporten och frågor kring hållbar konsumtionspolitik diskuterades under ett frukostmöte i Stockholm den 6 december 2013. Att göra medvetna val när man handlar och välja miljömärkta produkter räcker inte för att skapa ett hållbart samhälle. Konsumtionen måste minska och politikerna i Norden måste skapa strukturer som gör en hållbar livsstil till standardalternativet. Det är en av slutsatserna i en rapport från Nordiska ministerrådet, i vilken 10 myter om hållbar konsumtion avlivas:

As Nordic countries have an ambition to be sustainability leaders, enabling sustainable consumption and lifestyles with efficient policies is an important part of reaching this goal. Research demonstrates that evidence from behavioural and social science is not routinely incorporated into policy design. Consequently, some persistent misconceptions – myths –about consumer behaviour have perpetuated in the mainstream discourse, especially in policy circles. The goal of this study is to dispel myths that thwart sustainability by bringing forward existing evidence on consumer behaviour to aid the development of efficient policies in Nordic countries. A meta-analysis of the existing international research on consumer behaviour from psychology, sociology, behavioural economics, policy and anthropology was conducted. The results demonstrate that it is unrealistic to expect a sustainable society to materialise from current political strate gies. The changes needed are significant, and this study shows that policy makers need to create the “politics of possibility” towards sustainability by using the plethora of existing and innovative strategies and tools synergistically. (…läs mera – more).

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