The barefoot march in Venice September 11th 2015

The refugees marching through Europe have been on my mind during my trip in Italy,  Slovenia and Croatia.  Alessandro Grassman, who made the documentary “Torn“, explained that for a refugee there is only the present moment  – one lives only a moment at a time not thinking about – nor planning – the future.

It is of course impossible for us living normal daily lives, who have a place we call home and have food on our tables to imagine how it is not knowing where one is going to sleep at night nor where the food will be coming from.

I had some trouble yesterday in Trieste and did not know where and how I would find an affordable room for the night. For a moment I lost control, felt abandoned and at the mercy of others. A women at a pensionat finally came to my rescue. But I feel lucky and I know I am privileged in so many ways.

While on the Venice film festival I also participated in the barefoot march in support of the migrants walking through Europe right now. The march was part of a country-wide initiative taking place in some 20 Italian cities. Below is my 3 minutes film about the march.

A slide show from a local Venice paper below and one video showing the beginning of the march when the crowd runs through a mock fence and another video showing a delegation from the march walking up onto the red carpet at the film festival. The march was for some reason stopped before we reached the red carpet so we missed that part.

Skärmavbild 2015-09-13 kl. 23.33.43

Skärmavbild 2015-09-13 kl. 23.36.56

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