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Circular economy is the future!

It is not always easy to explain what circular economy really mens and especially the economy part of the theory. This is a 3.5 minute video about circular economy basics: Tim Jackson does a very good job explaining the economic part in this video:

C2C documentary Waste = Food

In a world where more and more societies with high consumption rates generate excessive amounts of waste, traditional environmental notions of reducing or recycling waste products are no longer sufficient. The new theory of ecologically intelligent design, green design and building, argues that manufacturers’ products, when discarded, should either be completely recyclable in the Technosphere […]

Leasing jeans!

What a good idea! With the slogan “Lease a Jeans – Earth Wants Your Jeans Back”.  Mud Jeans is trying to raise money on Kickstarter to create a  rental system for these jeans. All returned jeans are recycled. Why? Recycling diminishes the amount of waste, water and consumption of raw materials. This is a circular economy project […]