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Build the City – Perspectives on commons and culture

The book “Build the City – Perspectives on commons and culture” is a collaboration between Krytyka Polityczna, the EU Cultural Foundation, the ECF labs and the partners in the action research network Connected Action for the Commons. It is an inspiring collection of texts, studies, interviews and examples of projects concerning the Commons in the urban, […]

Idea Camp in The Guardian: Monopoly for the people: three strange days at the urbanism ‘idea camp’

The common language at the European Cultural Foundation’s second annual Idea Camp – featuring 50 ‘idea makers’ from 23 countries who gathered in Stockholm to chase prizes of €10,000 – was English. Unofficially, it was urbanese (Read on)

“Ekenäs story Caravan” joins the European Idea Camp 2015 – “Build the City”

‘Build the City’ is the theme of the 2015 European Cultural Foundation Call for Ideas. Our project idea “Ekenäs Story Caravan” was selected as one of 50 ideas from all of Europe to join the Idea Camp in Botkyrka in Sweden in September 2015. This is our idea: “Ekenäs Story Caravan” aims to deepen local engagement and co-governing […]