Ai Weiwei’s firm closing down by authorities

Chinese authorities are closing down the firm handling Ai Weiwei‘s affairs, the artist said on Monday, he believed he and his team had lost the battle but won the war since he will not pay the remaining £1.5m tax fine.

Officials said this weekend they were removing Fake Cultural Development’s business license because it had not met annual registration requirements. Since police confiscated all its materials and its stamp when they detained Ai last year the company has been unable to meet the requirements.

Ai Weiwei has a a new installation work at the Art Museums of Bergen 4 October 2012 – 3 February 2013 which he will probably not be able to attend.

“Do you still have illusions about this system? I stopped having illusions a long time ago, I only have delusions”. Ai Weiwei writes on Twitter.

Earlier on my blog about the Ai Weiwei film Never Sorry

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