Good news magazine in a world filled with bad news

Yes – there are some good news magazines.  I have read Yes! for many years but one Swedish online magazine, launched 2010, which gives me hope is Good News magazine.

Daniel Mendoza, who started Good News magazine, says to Fria Tidningar  that he got the idea for the magazine while studying at the Business School in Stockholm. He had had enough of reading in the newspapers about violence, misfortune and misery, and the idea of a magazine with only positive news emerged. He says that he, at the time, knew very little about the media world, and it took ten years before he had learned enough to realize his life’s dream. Despite this he still think that there is much left to learn.

– The most difficult thing is to find a good balance in the content.  I’m mostly looking for articles where the writer dares to be a little personal, he says.

Good News Magazine is unique in that it focuses on the positive. They believe that what drives us humans is the hope of a better future, curiosity and the desire for personal development. They write that they want to provide their readers with the knowledge and highlight all the fabulous creativity, intelligence and commitment that exists in our world.

I say think you Good News magazine!


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  1. Jo, Good News på svenska (!) i pappersformat är också trevligt att hantera. Har läst den och gett bort den i några år och nyss prenumererat på den igen via Gudrun Sjödén som är porträtterad i senaste numret. Hon erbjöd den åt sina klubbmedlemmar – och kanske andra också!

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