Hashem: A Survivor’s Story from the Anfal Campaign

A reblogged text by Karzan Kardozi about Survivor’s from the Anfal Camaign in Irak 1988.

The film  One Thousand and One Apples tells a very sad but important story about Saddam Husseins mass murdering in Irak 1988. We owe it the ones who died to not let the world forget these stories and the people working democratically and peacefully for democracy.

Karzan Kardozi

For the past few weeks, I had a chance to work as an AD on a docu-fiction film, One Thousand and One Apples by Taha Karimi. The story of the film is about ten men, the only survivors alive today escaping from the mass executions during the Anfal Campaign of 1988. Out of estimated 182.000 civilian mass murdered, some buried alive under the sands of Southern Iraq, only these 10 men are alive today to tell their stories as a witness to such a crime. The film is a love poem in tolerance, hope and reconciliation.

I had the honor to meet them, talk to them. In the next few posts, I will try to post each person’s unique story with documents and photos that are all part of the archives of kak Omer Muhamad and his one man effort to gather data Anfal many published in his magazine, Anfalistan.


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