Hamburg – the city without cars

Greetings from the biking city Copenhagen! Here ANYTHING is transported on a bike!  Almost anyway.  And it seems as though everyone owns a bike too.  A group in Copenhagen is teaching immigrant women how to bike and another group has started taking elderly people who are not able to bike themselves anymore out on a tour on one of these wonderful transport-bikes or rickshaw.

A friend of mine – Jeppe Larsen Dyrberg – who is a bike enthusiast – posted this video on Facebook.

Vind i håret

See video Click!

Jeppe and his family moved by bike within Stockholm a month ago with the company Move By Bike.


Can we have cities without cars?  Yes we can!  The city of Hamburg aims to be “car free” in 20 Years, writes Amanda Froelich in True activist:

To live in this age is an exciting time. The technological advances have accelerated communication around the world, and in effect, a shifting of resources to more sustainable alternatives continue to be implemented at an increasing rate. Who knew thirty or even fifty years ago that cars would so quickly go out of fashion in favor of more sustainable, alternative modes of transportation?

Yet this is exactly what is happening in the German town of Hamburg. The city council recently disclosed it has plans to divert most of its cars away from the city’s main thoroughfares in twenty years. In order create what will someday be a large green network, local authorities are to connect pedestrian and cycle lanes; this is expected to smooth inner city traffic flow. Read more

hamburg 2034

hamburg is planning to make roads into new green areas that will bridge existing parks, community gardens, and cemeteries with one another. The aim is to bring together the outskirts of Hamburg and allow pedestrians and cyclists to reach every area of the city by foot.
Read more

Maybe this age we live in now – when cities are planned for and occupied by cars and highways divide our cities – really is a parenthesis in the life of the earth and future generations will see this short-lived period as a VERY STRANGE time in history.

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