Alterville master’s degree

ALTERVILLE’S Master’s Degree: Political and Strategic Alternatives for the Towns, Cities and Metropolises of Tomorrow is a master’s degree program conceived by the Université de Lyon.

A suggestion for all who still believe that there are alternative solutions for towns and cities with limited urban capital (or for you who would like to believe). The Alterville masters’ course will provide you with the capacity to imagine alternative development strategies for regional capitals, old industrialized towns and cities.

It is a training program “based upon alternatives”. The aim is to raise student awareness regarding the variety of situations, resources and political and technical options that are available, and to implement a research-based training approach linked to “new urban criticism”.

It is a master’s degree with research as well as vocational training and intended to train non-specialized, urban-policy-and-strategy professionals who are planning to work within urban and public-sector contracting, as well as for private sector organizations involved in the creation of urban strategies and policies.

They also offer great shorter workshops.



Chicago 2012. Photo Y. Rancken-Lutz


Chicago public park 2012. Photo Y. Rancken-Lutz

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