Does spring ever get to Finland?



Finland cold


 Poor boy!  I know his sorrow! But here I still sit in Finland (yes, the real country! One can live here after all!). I got this photo from a friend who lives in London and I think British people would say that the season we have here right now is called winter!  It was below 0 at night and people still walk around in winter coats, scarfs and hats. But to me (I am Finnish after all and have for some reason stayed) small hopeful signs make me believe that spring is on its way, even to Finland.

People I meet on the street are almost smiling and I can see them thaw in front of my eyes. And it does not get dark until 8 o’clock! Memma and Mignong eggs have appeared on the store shelves and I have already tasted one (or three). I have had an urge to take in some branches and to plant Easter grass inside too. It smells like spring!

We have started to prepare for warm summer days by moving stuff into the sailboat and I feel like a bird in spring preparing my summer nest. And the squirrels are making love!  And they now, don’t they?




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