Back on track – update on the European night train crisis

I found an informative article about the situation concerning the European night trains right now.

We will not give up!  Sending e-mails might help and travelling more by train will certainly have an impact!

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Back on Track: WCN’s Campaign to Improve Europe’s Cross-border Trains

Rendezvous on Champs-Elysees… Leave Paris in the morning on T.E.E.
In Vienna we sit in a late-night café… Straight connection, T.E.E.

So sang Kraftwerk in their 1977 masterpiece Trans-Europe Express, but there are no direct trains on this route today. And bad luck if you want to travel between Paris and Munich, Berlin or Hamburg: overnight trains were axed in December 2014. Read on if you want to know why and what could be done to stop the deterioration of Europe’s international passenger train network…


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