A lush apartment complex

This article from the web magazine GASAN – Give a shit about nature – makes me happy! Why could we not have a building like this in Norra hamnen in Ekenäs?

Luciano Pia, an Italian architect, has a beautiful vision for green urban living. He designed and developed 25 Verde, an apartment complex in Turin, Italy. It’s a 5-story mix of lush trees, steel girders, and quaint apartments that allow its dwellers to feel like they live inside of a treehouse.

Every single square foot of the building was designed with natural integration in mind. The shape of the terraces along its exteriors allow for potted trees to sprout and grow at random intervals. The courtyard is filled with trees and ponds to provide residents with a relaxing place to sit and be. The apartment itself is surrounded by 150 deciduous trees that drop their leaves in the winter to allow more warming sunlight to enter the windows to keep apartments brighter and warmer in the winter.

25 Verde was finished in 2012 and is located at Via Chabrera 25, Turin, Italy. Check it out on Google Maps‘ street view!



Check out more photos.

Thanks Katarina!

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