Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump

I have written about Donald Trump – the nasty billionaire, real estate mogul and reality show personality – earlier on this blog. Trump threw his hat into the presidential race in the US – again. One of the things he is most famous for is his hatred towards Obama and it should come as a surprise to no one: he seems to love Putin. This is the guy who repeatedly has doubted that Obama is who he says he is and is a big fan of the conspiracy theories about Obama’s citizenship.

But Trump will have no chance in the presidential race, not only because his own party (the Republicans) seems to hate him but because he has such bad comedy writers on his staff and to make things worse (for him and the success of his campaign) Donald Trump himself is a very boring guy and seems to have no humor at all.

The two clips below shows that Obama’s comedy writers are up to the task of writing good comedy. The first video clip is from a White House Correspondence Dinner and the second is from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno when Obama explains “this thing” between Obama and Trump.


Skärmavbild 2015-06-21 kl. 10.56.21

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