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Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump

I have written about Donald Trump – the nasty billionaire, real estate mogul and reality show personality – earlier on this blog. Trump threw his hat into the presidential race in the US – again. One of the things he is most famous for is his hatred towards Obama and it should come as a surprise to […]

Typefaces – an intriguing world from Baskerville’s 1700 to Obama’s change campaign 2008

When I am writing this text on my blog this Sunday morning I have no way of changing my font (if I don’t pay extra).  The font I use – Georgia – was chosen by some pro designed at Devpress who designed the theme I am using for my blog. My theme Origin is “a light, elegant […]

According to The Onion race matters in US elections

Election night – a perfect night (morning) for cookies and pancakes

If you are going to sit up and follow election results all night or get up early to find out what happened, as I will *, chocolate chip cookies and/or pancakes might come in handy for an early brunch or midnight snack. To celebrate or to seek comfort maybe….. * or have in your lunch box […]

Michelle Obama gives us hope!

We need Michelle Obama’s speach right now! We need new hope and sentences like these: “When you work hard and done well and walk trough that door of opportunity you do not slam it shot behind you! No! You reach back and give other folks the same chance that helped you succeed.” Yes, it is […]