Remote Helsinki – a philosophical pod-walk

Remote Helsinki is part of an European Remote concept. It is a production by Alexander Weinstein in cooperation with Rimini Protokoll. It is also a part of Korjaamo Teaters Stage summer 2016.

It was an amazing experience to walk through Helsinki with an artificial intelligence voice in my ears in a human flock of 40 people. I would recommend it to everybody (from the age 15 and up) who is able to walk 1.5 hours, run some and walk up stairs. I would not call it a city walk nor a way to get to know the city of Helsinki but rather a philosophical pod-walk with Helsinki as a setting and stage which gives you a different perspective of the city.



  1. Kul! Ska testa någon gång.

    1. Det ska du Gunilla – verkligen en rolig grej!

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