There is coffee and then there is great coffee!

In every town I travel I look for that special café with great coffee – a real café. With this I mean coffee which the guys at the café have imported or rosted themselves, or in some cases, like today, coffee that they know exactly where it is from and how it was treated. And not only how the coffee was treated but also how the people working with the coffee on its way to me cup were treated!

Today I walked by the harbor in Bandol on the French riviera and passed café after café and did not see one singel café that was my sort of café described above. I started walking on some backstreets and spotted a small café which looked like a real café. It was closed but a note on the door said the siesta would be over in 5 minutes so I sat down on one of the chairs on the street to wait, and sure enough after 5  minutes a man comes running looking at his watch shouting “pardon”. I answered I don’t mind waiting for real coffee! What a relief this day is saved!

I think there should be a homesite called “Real cafés” or “Great coffee!” Maybe I will start one – or an Instagram campaign.


Café Torrefaction St Roch in Bodal at 30 Rue Pons with #greatcoffee

PS  I checked and there is an Instagram campaign – so I join it and please remember when you have found THE café with #greatcoffee – hashtag it!!

Some more impressions from my day in this great peaceful town.

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