We have all been trumped!

Now when Trump is visiting his golf courses on his European grand tour I can recall when I heard about him the first time in 2013 and wrote a blog post about his disgusting golf project in an environmentally protected seaside area near Aberdeen. I then wrote:

I knew Donald Trump was a nasty billionaire but could not imagine what an impact his golf project had on one of Britain’s very last stretches of wilderness in Scotland, in an environmentally protected seaside village in Aberdeenshire an area environmentalist describes as a fragile and irreplaceable. In the film “You’ve been Trumped” a group of proud Scottish landowners are trying to overthrow the American businessman Donald Trump’s plans to build a golf course (the largest in the world) and hotel complex. Anthony Baxter’s (2011) documentary  about how a in every way dirty project like this can get support from the government and local business is worth watching.

Little did I know how much I and the whole world would have to suffer and worry because of him 5 years later. On Sunday he is coming to Finland.  Some find reason to celebrate his visit. A Finnish brewery has designed a special beer label.


Others will thankfully attend one of the 10 protests planned for Monday.  But could we instead refuse to host these two dictators?  Maybe  some other country could but not Finland. When I first arrived in the US 1980 there were two topics people wanted to talk to me about in connection to Finland: How Finland could “win” the winter-war with Sovjetunion and Finlandisation. This was of course only 35 years after the war. Sofi Oksanen writes in the Guardian about her growing up in a post-war Finland.

When I was born in Finland in 1977, the country was deep in the throes of Finlandisation. Even though Finland had retained its independence, the Soviet Union used its influence to interfere in its weaker neighbour’s affairs. This was Finlandisation. In addition to foreign policy, this practice also affected national defence, the economy, education, the press, publishing, and even which foreign artists visited Finland or which movies we were able to see. My schoolbooks all said that Estonia had voluntarily joined the Soviet ‘family’. Of course, this wasn’t true.

In international media the term Finlandisation has reapeared in connection with the summit in Finland. Many ask why Finland was chosen as the host country for such a meeting. Radio Free Europe calls this meeting a  A Cold War Backdrop In Helsinki. We, the people, have not had a say of course even if it is our tax money which will pay for the four-day border checks for people from Schengen countries and also for all the officials and police who have been drafted back into work even if they were on vacation already.

I and I believe many with me would have chosen (if asked) not to spend a penny on these two jerks who choose our “nice” and easily manipulated country as a host for a meeting. A meeting which of course should not take place at all especially after Rod Rosenstein on Friday announced special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of Russian military officials for allegedly hacking Democratic National Committee computers and emails during the 2016 election.

But still it is not a coincidence that Finland once again was chosen as a host country. We are therefore once more reminded of that we live in a country over which the clouds of the winter war and the cold war traumas still linger (which it will for many generations). We have to remember that Finland was, as Sofi Oksanen writes, for so many years a psychological laboratory for Soviet power – a place where Moscow could conveniently study the impact of one its favourite tools: reflexive control – in which a subject is led to take a certain decision (apparently independently) by controlling of the information they receive. Today’s Russia used this method in the US in its effort to help Donald Trump become president.

This time we have all been trumped!



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