The space where we live, work, study and spend our freetime affect our lives…

…it really does. To me this issue is very important to discuss. What can we do to affect the way homes; places where we work, study and play are planned and built?  Why do we have so little influence when it comes to the planning of our everyday spaces? Why have we given the planning of our everyday spaces to experts, politicians and corporations who more often than not don’t consider livability and healthy and sustainable (also socially) buildings the most important factor but instead plan buildings as monuments to themselves? Are there no alternatives?

In my thesis about families’ social spaces I dive into these questions and hope to be able to contribute to this discussion and maybe even come with some constructive suggestions concerning salutogenic urban planning.

A very interesting BBC Open universty series in 3 parts is still available at SVTPlay Rummet formar dig.

Space Struggles at Åbo Akademi Campus – I wrote my masters thesis about this struggle “Var ska man sitta? Campusrummets produktion och reproduktion på Åbo Akademi”

Kaffe för en trevligare innergård  Åbo Akademi

Kaffe för en trevligare innergård protest på Åbo Akademi.  Foto Ylva Rancken-Lutz

A true story from my own ÅA campus years

Skärmavbild 2013-04-14 kl. 12.47.22

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A very interesting article in Ingrepp: En tidning om städer, planering och konst:

“Vilken kritik? Ingrepp i planeringen av Södra Älvstranden och Gårda”

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