The Destruction of Beauty!

I just want to share this again even if I have had it in a blog recently – it is so good and so awful! 

Artist Jan-Erik Andersson’s video work “The Destruction of Beauty” is published on YouTube to influence the debate about to role of ornate wooden building for the built environment. The ornate Finnish Art Nouveau buildings with the ground floor made of bricks and the first floor made of wood are unique.

The”Blue House” (Sininen talo) building in Turku, by Carl Armfelt, was built in 1902 and destroyed in 2011 as a consequence of a political decision made by the City Council.
The building is also called by the name of the previous owner Wikeström & Krogius. The existing company with the same name has nothing to do with the demolition.

Please, share the video! © Jan-Erik Andersson 2011 

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