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Remote Helsinki – a philosophical pod-walk

Remote Helsinki is part of an European Remote concept. It is a production by Alexander Weinstein in cooperation with Rimini Protokoll. It is also a part of Korjaamo Teaters Stage summer 2016. It was an amazing experience to walk through Helsinki with an artificial intelligence voice in my ears in a human flock of 40 people. I would […]

Bernie Sander’s land is my land

I often think of “my US” as a bubble in an otherwise quite hostile and frightening American society. But now and then I find that my American subculture can be described more like a greenhouse where great ideas and wonderful innovations prosper and slowly find their way into American mainstream society.  Bernie Sanders represents my greenhouse […]

Visions and memories and a small oak tree

We are planning the R&D project The Story Caravan in Ekenäs Finland, for which we got a grant from the European Cultural Foundation. We have now started to experiment and explore our story telling method which combine visions and history and to ponder on the best way to collect and analyze the material. To our surprise we are finding it […]

The Story Caravan

THE STORY CARAVAN PROJECT Åsa Lönnqvist and Ylva Rancken-Lutz, both born and bred in the small Swedish-Finnish town of Ekenäs on the coast of the Baltic sea, came up with the idea of The Story Caravan. Annabelle Antas has also joined the project as photographer. The idea of creating a story project grew out of what we […]

The Mystery Show: Case #3 Belt Buckle

I you are not already listing to the Mystery show you can start by listening to this episode. If it does not make you a fan (or an addict) we have less in common than I thought….  

This American Life: The Incredible Rarity of Changing your Mind

If you have not listened to act two of this episode (555) of This American Life I would like to recommend it. Why and when do we change our minds? One thing is certain – it is not easy to change ones own mind nor ones habits and certainly not to change someone else’s mind or habits. Reporter […]