WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE: An Urban Photo Collective Exhibition

I am sad to have missed this exhibition! And my dream combination photo, sociology and urban studies!


Tom Bright - SesameYu En Lin - Chinatown

The twenty-first century isn’t just a new era: it’s a different world. Over half the planet’s population now live in cities – urban cultures demand and deserve special focus. The ways we live, the ways we work, the ways we move, and the ways we understand ourselves and one another are influenced by this dense growth of cultures and populations.

A multidisciplinary exhibition, Within Walking Distance presents work by Goldsmiths, University of London MA Photography and Urban Cultures program, with Steph Neoh as curator.
It examines urban life through the twin lens of photography and sociology, involving 17 artists making work engaged with the urban environment as spectators, inhabitants and participants.

Combining traditional and contemporary photographic techniques with various experimental research methods, this exhibition opens up a discussion around representation and interpretation of the urban. Through panels, artist talks, and other public events, visitors can become part of the project:…

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