Who would not like to have a blooming bridge?

This morning’s best news came from WIRED where we read that London is planning a park bridge. Bridges can be much more than just a facilitator for transportation. Architect Thomas Heatherwick has designed a park bridge which would cross the River Thames. It would have a new plant-filled pedestrian crossing which looks like the Highland park bridge in New York and the old Pulteney Bridge which crosses the River Avon in Bath, England. This is the kind of creative planning we need today instead of concrete boxes by the sea shore!

Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge

Highline park planting

Highline park planting

Highline park

Highline park

The Garden Bridge will span the 1,204 foot-wide river and contain 2 million pounds of soil, giving root to 270 trees, as well as innumerable shrubs, bushes, and flowers. The project is led by actress Joanna Lumley, star of the cult favorite Absolutely Fabulous. Inspired to commemorate Princess Diana’s death, she labored for over a decade establishing a trust to secure financing and political support (WIRED).

London blooming bridge

Klick and see London blooming bridge

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