In the beginning of March the Story Caravan working group met together with the folks from Migrationlab in The Hague for a very welcomed workshop. Present was Åsa Lönnqvist, Annabelle Antas and Ylva Rancken-Lutz från the StoryCaravan R&D project and Laura Pana, Anca Fronescu and Denis Stillewagt from Migrationlab.

The Ekenäs StoryCaravan and MigrationLabs Welcome to the Living room both have storytelling methods at its core and some common goals: To find innovative method tools for facilitating dialogue through place-based storytelling. Through our projects we want to encourage engagement with the local commons and encourage an on-going dialogue to deepen local engagement in our community commons, nurture tolerance with the goal to create more sustainable and resilient communities. Welcome to the Living room has migration stories as its main focus and The Ekenäs StoryCaravan are planning to work with stories and memories as well as visions for the future with the general public but with a special commitment to reach out to migrants and refugees.

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